Top 5 Favourite Things You Miss during Lockdown

Here are our top 5 that will make it to the wish lists of many and our alternates that can help kill time in a productive way:

  1. Shopping Sprees: Walking through the endless hallways of your favorite malls and shopping streets is a nostalgia we feel like reliving time and again. But, it’s also a chance for us to go through our entire closet and purge out things we don’t really use, even after having them for years. It’s a great time to know ‘what you really need’ vs ‘what you feel you need’. It’s not only a good chance to declutter your space but also for some donations to the less fortunate ones.
  1. Salons Splurges: No matter how time consuming it might have been while getting your mani-pedi done, you truly miss that special pampering session that made you feel like a queen. From that favorite hair stylist who knew your preferences like none other to the nail technician whom you trusted for getting those perfect gel nails, you miss it all!  Now, as their workspaces are shut, and times are really hard you can show them some love and support on social media. L’Oréal Professional Products Division India has recently launched a solidarity campaign in support of the hairdresser community, #LoveIsInTheHair encourages the hairdresser community during these times giving out a message of togetherness. Multiple celebrities have thanked their hairdresser for the excellent work, they’ve been doing. So, get on the bandwagon and spread positivity and love. Join the team here –
  1. Movies: It’s no surprise, how Indians are crazy movie goers. With a list of 2020 movies to watch everyone was surely awaiting top releases from their favorite superstars. But after exhausting that master list of movies with your family we highly suggest catching up on your old childhood favorites something that you truly treasure in your memories.
  1. Catching up on a Coffee: Going out with friends at your favorite barista for that freshly brewed coffee and chatting for hours was something we all did. But how about catching up on a coffee with your inner self? Your favorite warm beverage on the window corner with a book and pen is all you need to get that focus back on track. Once the quarantine is over, the world will get back to its usual pace and so will you. So, make the most of this time to peacefully reflect on your goals and visions that got blurred in the humdrum of this external world.
  1. Outdoor Hobbies: Gyming, cycling, swimming, dancing – the list can be endless.We are certain there are a number of things you miss from your daily routines. How about trying something new that you have never done before? It can be as basic as some yoga poses that you always thought of doing but never actually did it. It can be learning to sing, which you never did out of consciousness. It’s great to have hobbies that you generally do but for once we can give a try to something new and totally unexplored.

To sum it all up, this time has really helped us get clarity on setting our priorities straight. Adapting to this ‘new normal’ feels a little drastic but yet makes us feel blessed with all the safety, security and care of our loved ones so cherish it all and make the most of this time to build your inner self.

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